‘one who is of the Blood’


Witch is determined as ‘one who is of the Blood’

a particular Race; Race Witch. Etymology of the word ‘race’ provides the meaning ‘having one originating ancestor.’ In the matter of Witch the originating ancestor is the Mother of Race Witch, we know her as ‘Witch Mother.’stangs


The word ‘Witch’ is a Proper noun; a name, and as such demands respect to use it with a capital letter.


A question sometimes asked is:

“Why Witch rather than a witch”


The use of the capital letter ‘W’ is a key, denoting a name, therefore would not be correct using the prefix ‘a’: I am Witch, she is Witch, and we are Witch, again respect for the name and the thoughts that sit behind it.


The Bloodline

The Bloodline that is Witch is not necessarily carried from one to another by human blood although nothing can be overlooked. 


The Bloodline coming down through generations from Witch’s originating Ancestor is passed down the female line. This is a lineage that cannot be defeated, it is passed from mother to all her children no matter what gender that child is; a son can be Witch, but only a daughter has the ability to pass the Bloodline to her children.


It may be that the Mother line has slept for a number of generations where sleeping Witch has not been awakened, but as said, the Bloodline cannot be defeated and will stay hidden until either some catalyst occurs, or sleeping Witch begins to dream, at which time the Bloodline will begin to make itself known. 


This is why sometimes Witch seems to have awoken from nowhere with no other Witch apparent in his or her remembered ancestry, or it may be the Bloodline is and has been active, where those who claim to have come from a working Witch family can be correct. 


However, these points are irrelevant; the only Witch that is of use to themselves or to the Race they are a part of, is Witch who is awake; otherwise said Witch will do nothing more than live life as the rest of humanity do, or perhaps live life with illusion and self-perception in place, dreaming Witch must tread carefully, otherwise his/her feet may well be walking a path that misleads rather than awakens.


Witch is Matriarchal. 

3This statement requires a great deal of understanding on the subject of gender to be able to begin to comprehend the threads that make up the statement.


Perhaps a beginning would be to consider that the ways of Witch are not bound by perceptions coming from the ways of people.


There is no ego placed upon the thought of Matriarchy or of gender of any kind, it is a matter of which of the myriad of genders that exist is best for the job that needs doing.  


The removal of ego of all genders needs to be done to have the ability of understanding the concept of Matriarchy.  Any gender can be Witch, as long as they carry the Bloodline.


There is a great deal more knowledge to be had on the subject of Witch and Race Witch, but what is written here is a beginning, an introduction that may provide a basis for those who are curious or may be dreaming.


Ravening Family, working The Tradition of Red Thread