Red Thread – A Race Apart


The main question asked about the subject is   ”what is the red thread in witchcraft?”


This question is one I deal with in one of three ways. Sometimes I will ignore the question, or perhaps be glib in my reply. Occasionally I may be irritated by the person who asks, and tell them to think before they ask such a foolish question.


If a person were present for all three responses to the question, and if they cared to think about the way in which I dealt with the answers, they may pick up on the point that the last reply would be the one which is of most use.


The reason for this use is simple. Most people look to learn about witchcraft; be it to practice, to hold knowledge, or to feed their ego, the reasons go on and on. For the most part, such reasoning is of little importance to the subject of the Red Thread itself. The main key is that they, for the most part, ignore the root of witchcraft, that root is of course “Witch”, be it an individual, family, group or race.


To elaborate upon this point:

A hand is cut; blood pumps from the opening and forms a stream that drips like heavy rain drops on to the ground below.


What then?


Allow the opening to remain until there is no blood left to pump, or stop the blood with a spider’s web when the time is at hand?


Such thoughts and possible actions can be called witchcraft, or arte, depending upon the reason for the blood being shed in the first place. With the thought or action of craft, or arte if it is such, the question is asked, is it done by “Witch”?


Such things can be undertaken by any individual, of any Race, sex, religion, or age irrespective of sane mind or otherwise. Such action can also be called by any name that an individual cares to use, be it by design or accidental, ritual or divine instruction, or any other reason not mentioned. Those that would understand it to be witchcraft or arte, may, if they know the meaning of the spider’s web, use it as a tool at their disposal.


The question is:

Does that then make them “Witch”?


My answer to this question is - not unless they are of the red thread.


As sometimes happens, a person who asks the question about witchcraft and the red thread then asks another question, usually having thought about their original question and the response they received to it.


This question is often “what is a red thread witch?”


To this question I may respond with words along the line of, “the only witch there is”. Or I may say nothing, or go into some detail in answer to the question, the main factor in either answering or not, is this, is the questioner what is termed a “sleeping witch”? This is not the place to define the expression “sleeping witch” so it is left to the reader to work out what is meant by the expression.


Perhaps it is time to look at the question asked. “What is a red thread witch?”


Idol of PerversityBefore answering this question it would be of use to understand how most people answer the question: “What is a witch?” Without going into unnecessary detail, which is easily obtained, and for the sake of brevity, it is sufficient to say that the word “witch” (irrespective of how it is spelt) is normally associated with working magic, dealing with herbs, far seeing, controlling weather and sorcery.  


One of the common factors that he, and most other people who look to comprehend the meaning of the word “witch”, is to look only at the written data which is available to them and then reach their own conclusions based on this. These conclusions are then taken by those who have read them, yet have not taken time and effort to research the subject for themselves, as being ‘truth’ absolute, and not subject to the limitation of data examined and its origins.


Most of the examined data leads to the conclusion that the word “witch” is a doing word i.e. “to bend” (as is often quoted in various sources).


A point to hold in the mind is that absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. With this thought in mind it is of use to know that there are those who would use the word in a descriptive setting as opposed to a doing one. By using the word in such a way a different understanding becomes visible. It is this insight that can lead to the beginning of comprehending Red Thread.


So perhaps the third question to ask is ” what is the Red Thread of Witch?”


If such a question is asked with this wording or wording of similar intent, my interest in the person asking comes to the fore, as it shows to me that a “knowing” may be taking place, or is in place, no matter how small it may appear to be in the person asking the question.


“Knowing “ is another word that holds distinct meaning, which once again I leave the reader to perceive as they will. It is worth pointing out the obvious at this time. As a result of this article being a published writing, the meaning of such a question is diminished, due to the ability and the context of the thought being manipulated without “knowing” being in place, by those that would choose to do so.


Without going into any sort of detail as to the comprehension of “witch” in the context previously mentioned, description as opposed to doing as the foundation of “witch” Red Thread can now be looked at, on a simplistic level.


Witch is understood to be:

  • a person
  • a family
  • a group
  • a Race

This is one of the key foundations to the Red Thread


There is a story told that one of the nine mothers of the human race created the race of “Witch” using the Human race as its foundation. I have no intention of putting the details of this story into the written word. To do so would allow it to be manipulated for the ends of others, who would then do with it as they will.   It is enough that it is known to exist, and with its existence comes the ability to affect the dreams of those known as “sleeping witch”.


The Red Thread exists as a physical entity.


Misconceptions about the Red Thread

There are those who would say that it is the blood that flows through the body of the person.

They are in part correct but for the most part incorrect. Blood flows through the whole of humanity and can be passed from one to the other (within the limits of blood grouping).

The Red Thread can be passed to those who are not of the race, but where the thread never becomes active. It can miss generations within families that are “Witch” and those generations will still be “witch”.

There are those who say the Red Thread was passed from the earlier race of humanity (Neanderthal). They are incorrect.

There are those who say the Red Thread is 100,000 years old. They are incorrect.


The Red Thread.

The Red thread came into being in Northern Europe.

The Red Thread enables the birth of new “Witch”

The Red Thread is the catalyst that brings forth Witch Incarnate

The Red Thread is continuous through the female line

The Red Thread exists in the male line.


These are just the beginnings of comprehension about the Red Thread of Witch. The information given above will do what is intended, irrespective of what others think, say or do. There is no magic in what is stated, it is by definition occult, but the most important point is that it is understanding in the foundation of “witch” as understood by some that are not asleep.


Ravening Family, working The Tradition of Red Thread