Welcome to the fireside of Ravening Family


Ravening is a Family, where ties of Witch Blood overcoming everything else. If you are Witch then you are welcome here, if you are not then perhaps what we have to say may give you some idea on what Witch is.


It is important that when communication is limited to the written word (as on a website), the same understanding is held by both writer and reader, otherwise communication will fail. To enable understanding of thoughts passed on this website, Ravening uses etymology as a tool to determine meanings of words. Etymology provides knowledge of the original thought that prompted the need to express that thought in words.four


Researching etymology of any word is not as easy and clear cut as it would at first seem to be, a dictionary is only a first step in what is often a twisted journey through languages and the ways of thought of various cultures, to find links that lead to the original meaning of any word. Etymological research and conclusions reached using this tool, means that Ravening use definitions for key words that may seem to be at odds with what a word has evolved into, but the meanings given are our definition of what has been found to be correct.


Often misunderstood and misused is the word ‘Tradition’ but when etymology is used to its ultimate then its meaning is clear:


“To hand down memories, thoughts and actions through at least three generations with each generation considered to be twenty years.”


Attention is drawn to the statement above, as this determines criteria required to decide whether or not any Tradition exists. As stated above, sixty years is the minimum amount of time required to determine Tradition exists. There is, by the definition of the words ‘at least,’ no upper limit to the number of years a Tradition may have been in place.


There are few Witch Traditions that have been worked and passed down for the required 60 years, but of those that are, the Red Thread Tradition has existed longer than most. Red Thread is the Tradition of Witch, passed through generations of awakened Witch, and therefore has remained intact, i.e. its foundations and philosophies have not changed from its inception.


The Red Thread Tradition fulfils all the requirements to lay claim to the word ‘Tradition in the correct way